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Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy uses the therapeutic power of essential oils to help the body heal itself. It is a holistic therapy that treats the whole person as an individual, not a group of symptoms, promoting a beneficial action on the body. This results in balance of mind, body and spirit.

aromatherapy massageMassage stimulates blood circulation, stimulates the immune system and reduces tension and muscle pain from stress or overexertion, encouraging general relaxation.

When used with essential oils massage enables the effect of aromatherapy to be experienced over the whole body and also aids their penetration into the body through the skin as well as through the olfactory system.



aromatherapy oilsTh e revitalising, healthy energy of plants, contained in essential oils, can help people in a surprisingly wide number of ways, including treating everyday ailments, keeping skin and hair healthy, creating a pleasant atmosphere at home and work and making one’s world a more sensual place.

Some conditions that aromatherapy can treat:

Stress - Depression - Anxiety - Headaches - Frequent & chronic infections - Sinusitis - Asthma - Chronic Fatigue - Eczema - Psoriasis - Fungal infections - Acne - Other skin problems - Varicose veins - Indigestion - Heartburn - Colitis - Irritable bowel syndrome - PMS & other menstrual problems.

Gabi qualified as an aromatherapist with the Shirley Price Institute, one of the leading establishments for aromatherapy in the world.

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