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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head MassageIndian Head Massage is an ancient cultural tradition and is part of the Arjuvedic Bodywork. it has been practised in India for over a thousand years, originally by women who believed that massaging their heads with natural vegetable oils kept their long hair healthy and strong.

The head, neck and shoulders are important energy centres within the body. if you are feeling stressed or angry, tension tends to accumulate. This can later result in a a stiff neck and shoulders, eye-strain and sometimes even hair loss.

Indian head massage involves working with a firm and gentle rhythm to help un-knot blockages and relieve this uncomfortable build up of tension. However, its effect is not just physical; it works on an emotional level too. It gently calms the spirit thus promoting relaxation and relieving stress.

The treatment is carried out fully clothed, please wear an old T shirt.

Many people describe the treatment as being almost sleep inducing and afterwards report a wonderful feeling of well being, lighter and full and of energy.

Some conditions which be helped by Indian Head Massage:

Indian Head MassageAnxiety - Baldness - Bell’s Palsy - Chronic fatigue syndrome - Colitis - Constipation - Crohn’s Disease - Dandruff - Depression - Headaches - Migraines - Indigestion - Insomnia - Irritable bowel syndrome - Motor Neurone Disease - Multiple Sclerosis - Peptic ulcers - Pregnancy - Sinusitis - Stress - Tinnitus

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Gabi studied with the Atma Institute to gain her Indian Head Massage and Hopi Ear Candle (Thermo-Auricular Therapy) Practitioner Certificate.

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