Holistic Health Bracknell
Spinal Reflexology

The spineSpinal reflexology works by gently releasing the muscles around the vertebrae of the whole spine including the shoulders, neck and pelvis. By relaxing tension in the muscles surrounding the spine it allows the vertebrae to move into their normal position.

It relieves back and neck ache and also tackles a range of common conditions including: migraine, arthritis, indigestion and tinnitus.

The reflexology uses a range of techniques which you would also experience with a chiropractor, but is also calms and relaxes the body giving the body a more soothing sensation.

The treatment is carried out fully clothed, (loose jogging trousers and t-shirt are ideal). You will be lying comfortably on your front and for a short time on your back. It feels like a gentle massage on the back and is very relaxing, but extremely effective.

Some people notice a difference after only one session but symptoms are greatly improved by regular sessions to start with followed by maintenance treatments less frequently.

To book a treatment or for more information, call 01344 645441 mobile 079411 95244  or 

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